When I make the bracelets I infuse them with Reiki. They’re created with the intention to help you feel better, emotionally, physically or both.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have become intrigued by the world of crystals. What are the meanings behind these beautiful stones, and which ones should I use to help with health issues.

Wanting to learn more on the subject, I took four courses on them. I became a Certified Crystal Healer then a Certified Crystal Therapist and now I am an Advanced Crystal Master. Two of the courses I took were by the top experts in the field of crystals Judith Lukomski, Judy Hall and someone who is now my mentor and dear friend Theresa Marie Deuchle.

Stones, crystals, and minerals have been used around the world and throughout the ages for their healing and energetic properties.

I started buying hundreds of different stones and wearing them, or carrying them with me. I very quickly noticed how they were healing my body and health issues and with numerous ailments such as headaches/migraines, back pain etc.

But I quickly discovered carrying multiple stones in my pockets, or around my neck was too much. So I started making bracelets as they are easier to wear and you can combine multiple crystals in one bracelet to maximize their healing benefits.

Now my passion is to help others by making bracelets with crystals in hopes that it can help them as much as it did me and my family!

I have also taken Level 1 & 2 Reiki and I am now also a Reiki Master. Working with Crystals and their healing abilities just lead me down the path to Reiki. It has turned my life around for the better, I've learned to not let anyone or anything bring me down, to always be positive and let go of things and the healing power of Reiki are amazing.

NOTE: Crystals & Reiki do not replace visiting your doctor and are not “proven” or accepted by the medical community as cures. They are complimentary therapies for all to use and explore at their own will, risk and desire. All I can do is help make recommendations. Please seek medical care for an emergency or conditions that persist. I am not a medical doctor. Thank you

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